среда, 28 декабря 2011 г.

excuse me

i feel myself really strange, but not bad at all
i've got a presentiment that everithing next year will be like i want.like i wish.
hope so, cause, u know..i understood that all this time i was just a fucking foolish!
i did things, which others wanted BUT I DIDN'T WANT. every moment i thought about somebody's opinion. 
i didn't save my time for reletives and close friends. so, what did i do? WAISTED WAISTED it for everything and everyone NOT NEEDED.
yeah i know that we mustn't be sorry about what we've already done..but i really am sorry
and now i'm going to restore things i've lost- if it's possible, to do things i love, to be with people i love, to devote myself to everything that makes happy me and everyone around me.
also i wish everyone dreams come true.after all i know what does it mean to have a dream. and if my dreams'll come true i'll be the happiest person in the universe.just believe.
Happy Holidays guys!

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